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" The college is to bring Social change by educating the ruler youth there by incorporating economic progress"

With this view our college has its own mission statement accordingly we always try to function enhance quality of ruler area student. As far as our Mission and Vision is concerned, college always tries to implement the distinctiveness in the work. Our college has a large number of students from the surrounding villages. The number of girl students is more in number. Most of the students from rural areas poor background, but they are not poor in talent, knowledge and humility. Our College Staff recognize their talent and encourage them to participate in national and state level sports and to get their place in merit list at university level. Under this college initiative last year, 16 students from our college participated in the national level sports competition, 7 students participated in the state level competition as well as merit list awaited but surly some students from various departments of the college earned their place in the merit list of the university. The priority of the college is to provide quality higher education aimed at enhancing the required knowledge and skills

This institution was established on the year 2006. The main aim was to provide an opportunity to the rural students of this area especially the rural girls students to pursue the higher education for their economically development and progress of the family. In accordance with mission statement HEI gives exposure to the ruler students to get an opportunity to participate in every curricular, extracurricular and extension activities very actively like professional, cultural, social consciousness, alertness, responsiveness. Student welfare offers them the schemes to earn their own by participating in earn and learn scheme to fulfill the partial fees of the education and they can stand on their own independently. Cultural department provides them with an opportunity to participate in various cultural competitions of the university level, state level.

The College Organizes Health Camps and public awareness rally in its nearby villages every year in which teachers, students, government doctor and member of Gram Panchayat Participate. Through our college every year summer camp organized for students from government and private schools nearby villages. So that can become proficient in such disciplines as computer, yoga, sports and art-craft. Our aim is to bring the rural area students into the Professional Courses.

According Our Vision and objective to provide high quality education and economic progression of student is achieved by our student thats why they trust our institution region behind of trust number of student university topper in every year, number of student playing national state level game every year, number of student job in private and government sector every year. The college always considers the progress of rural area student is actual strength of the institution.